The Four Chaplains Memorial Foundations mission is to tell the story of the “Four Chaplains” to promote Interfaith Cooperation and Selfless Service in individuals and organizations. The mission of the Corporation is to encourage selfless service in the tradition of The Four Chaplains and to teach and promote interfaith understanding and cooperation among all peoples. Accordingly, the motto of the Corporation is “Unity without Uniformity”.

2020-21 National Student Scholarship Competition

Starts Labor Day, September 7, 2020 - Ends January 4, 2021
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In the early morning hours of 3 February 1943, the U.S.A.T. Dorchester was crowded to capacity, carrying 902 servicemen, merchant seamen, and civilian workers. Once a luxury coastal liner, the 5,649-ton vessel had been converted into an Army transport ship. The Dorchester, one of three ships in the SG-19 convoy, was moving steadily across the icy waters from Newfoundland toward an American base in Greenland. SG-19 was escorted by Coast Guard Cutters Tampa, Escanaba, and Comanche.

Spring 2021- Lost at Sea Memorial Fundraiser

The Friends of the Chapel of Four Chaplains are partnering with Bricks R Us in a campaign to complete our “Lost at Sea” Memorial. This past fall we had a very successful campaign and are 80% complete.
Spaces are limited so order your brick(s) as soon as possible to reserve your space on the Memorial.

*Check out the special K-9 Bricks available to order. This spring we are starting a K-9 Veteran walkway to honor K-9 Veterans. We will be adding names of police and military service dogs but you can also honor your pet/service dog by purchasing a brick. (Other types of pets can also be honored).

Operation Philadelphia

The Chapel of Four Chaplains is honored to partner with Wreaths Across America in honoring Veterans by purchasing a wreath to be placed on a Veteran tombstone or monument in the Philadelphia area. For every $15 sponsored wreath the Chapel of Four Chaplains will receive $5 to support our Four Core Programs. You can support this fundraiser in two ways:

Pay by check. Made out to: Wreaths Across America

$15/wreath – the wreaths you order will be sent to the Chapel of Four Chaplains for pick-up on either Friday, December 18 or Saturday 19 from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM. If you want more options such as having a personalized wreath sent to your home or to sponsor a wreath at Arlington Cemetery you would need to go to the Wreaths Across America website to order. Mail the check to:

The Chapel of Four Chaplains
1201 Constitution Ave.
The Navy Yard, Building 649
Philadelphia, PA 19112


Go to the Chapel of Four Chaplains Wreaths Across America Fundraiser Page (All standard wreaths ordered on this site will be shipped to the Chapel but it will give you an option to order a specialized wreath to ship to your home or to a friend/family member.)


Deadline to place an order: Thanksgiving Day, November 26.


Support our ongoing mission by becoming an Annual Member or renewing your Annual Membership.

We rely on the generosity of individuals, veterans, civic, and fraternal organizations, corporations, and foundations to support our mission.


Since the late 1940’s the Chapel of the Four Chaplains has been telling the story of the Four Chaplains and encouraging selfless sacrifice and interfaith cooperation. On February 15, 2001, the Chapel of the Four Chaplains moved to 1201 Constitution Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19112 the site of a 1942 World War II Navy Chapel.