Do to the current coronavirus pandemic, all scheduled dates are subject to change.


New Year’s Day

Happy New Year. In 2021 we will celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Chapel of Four Chaplains.

Chapel of Four Chaplains Volunteer Day #1

In 2021 we will host a Volunteer Day on the 2nd Saturday of each month. It will give our Members and Friends a chance to bring their skills and talents […]

Chairman’s Letter #1

During the year we will sending out a letter from our Chairman during each quarter to give you an update of the organization and asking for your financial support. The […]

CH Charles J. Watters (B’Day)

Today we will celebrate CH Charles J. Watters who received the Medal of Honor (MOH) for his actions in the Battle Dak To, Vietnam. Watch for a tribute on Facebook.

Martin Luther King Day

The Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation celebrates acts of Selfless Service. MLK Day is known for volunteering activities around the nation. We hope you do your part to celebrate the legacy […]