Do to the current coronavirus pandemic, all scheduled dates are subject to change.


Chapel to Chapel Ruck March #2

watch for details on our Virtual Ruck March Series. Plus, we will host an in-person Ruck March from Temple U. - The Navy Yard on a limited basis.

CH John M Whitehead (B’Day)

CH John M Whitehead known as the "Angel of Stone River" during the Civil War was awarded the Medal of Honor. He is one of none Chaplains who have received the award.

K-9 Veterans Day

We will be honoring our K-9 partners with a Brick Laying Ceremony in their honor. Please go to our website Home Page and purchase a brick for your selfless partner. Even though we referred to it as K-9 Day we will celebrate all pets, Working Dogs/Horses, Service or Comfort animals. Wreath and Brick Ceremony

St. Patrick’s Day

The Chapel of Four Chaplains will host a St. Patrick's Day Mass. Please come join us. If COVID rules does not permit an in person event we will host a virtual event. Go to our Facebook page for updates.

Rosie the Riveter Day

The Chapel of Four Chaplains will recognize the Women who served during WWII as "Rosie the Riveters" along with our non-profit partner "Thanks. Plain and Simple - who work tirelessly promoting the "Spirit of the Rosie's" through a "Rosie Movement."

Medal of Honor Day

Did you know 9 Chaplains and 1 Chaplain Assistant have been rewarded the Medal of Honor. We will celebrate them on this day along with all of our MOH recipients with a special virtual service.