The original Chapel was located in the basement of the
Baptist Temple located at 1855 North Broad Street on the campus of Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Chapel of Four Chaplains was built as an interfaith memorial and sanctuary for brotherhood.

Since February 3, 1951 when President Harry S. Truman arrived on the campus of Temple University to dedicate the Chapel of the Four Chaplains we have been telling the story of the Four Chaplains and encouraging selfless service and interfaith cooperation.

Besides giving the opening remarks at the new Chapel, President Truman announced the beginning of a new foundation called the Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation which celebrated Interfaith Cooperation and encouraged acts of Selfless Service by establishing a Legion of Honor Awards Program. 


For more than sixty years the Chapel of the Four Chaplains has told the story of their faith, courage and interfaith cooperation through a variety of programs and events.  The Legion of Honor Awards Program publicly recognizes and honors outstanding members of society whose lives model the giving spirit and unconditional service to community, nation, and humanity without regard to race, religion, or creed exemplified so dramatically by the Four Chaplains.

On February 15, 2001, the Chapel of the Four Chaplains moved to 1201 Constitution Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19112 the site of a World War II (Built in 1942) Navy Chapel.

Four Chaplains - Chapel

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