Recognizing Ordinary People Who Do Extraordinary Things

The Legion of Honor Award programs publicly recognizes and honors outstanding members of society whose lives model the giving spirit and unconditional service to community, nation, and humanity without regard to race, religion, or creed exemplified
by the Four Chaplains. To be considered for any of the six awards, the selfless achievement must be above and beyond that of a professional resume or organizational position.


is the highest and most prestigious award presented by the organization. It is given to a person whose leadership has brought his/her actions to National or International attention, and whose very life epitomizes the spirit of the sacrifice of the Four Chaplains. 

The Legion of Honor Bronze Medallion

is the second highest award and is granted for extraordinary contributions to the well-being of others at the State, Regional or National level.

The Legion of Honor Humanitarian Award

is given in recognition of a lifetime commitment to selfless service and societal advancement that has demonstrably affected the quality of life in the individual’s community or region.

The Charles W. David, Jr. Lifesaving Medallion

is given to persons who fall into two distinct categories:

  • Those who have saved the life of another at grave personal risk.
  • Those that have saved the life of another with no risk to their own person. 

The Legion of Honor Award

is our most basic and common award. It is given to individuals who perform acts of selfless service in their local community.

The Junior Legion of Honor Award

is given to a young person under the age of 18 or 12 grade or under who have selflessly served members of their community or school.

Nominations are accepted for any of these awards from past recipients of the Legion of Honor; church and government leaders; and leaders of civic, fraternal and veteran organizations only. All awards must be publicly presented at a Legion of Honor service or as part of an appropriate ceremony which includes the Saga of the Four Chaplains. For past Legion of Honor recipients, you do not need to go through your local Post/Detachment to submit nominations. For further information, email the Coordinator at chapel@fourchaplains.org.

National Student
Scholarship Competition

Veteran’s Outreach Program

“We Serve those that Served”

Supports military veterans who are seeking a chaplain, honor guard, Tri-Care or VA benefits or are struggling with service-related injuries that result in substance abuse, PTSD, homelessness, joblessness, suicide ideation. We are not a direct provider of these services, but through Veteran focused events such as our Veteran Health and Financial Symposiums we can connect direct providers such as the VA, government agencies and other non-profits to Veterans with a specific need. Please check our calendar for events or contact us for more information.

Emergency Chaplain & First Responder Chaplain Programs

These programs are composed of a cadre of Chaplains available through our network to respond to natural disasters and emergencies as these occur throughout the nation. The Four Chaplains Foundation also sponsors professional training for First Responder Chaplains and for Medical Mental Health professionals.

If you are interested in Police Chaplain or First Responder Training please contact our Senior Chaplain, Gary Holden. CH Holden is also the Staff Chaplain for the NJ Department of Corrections and NJ State Police and Senior Chaplain for the Prosecutor’s and Sheriff’s Office of Cumberland County, NJ.

Chaplain Gary Holden
Founder and CEO
The Police Chaplain Program

Download Brochure Here

For more information about volunteering or donating to these programs,
please call 215-218-1943 or email chapel@fourchaplains.org